UPDATE- Dog beaten with plank- Adopted!

Remember little Raccoon, the dog beaten with a plank for eating the cat food? 😓 Well you did it once again Cape Town , you shared, donated, prayed and opened up your homes! We even received emails and donations from Europe, America and more! 😍 One mans trash is another mans treasure as they say! 😊 Watch Raccoon's happy tail unfold:   And why don't we share this as much as we did her plea, goodness [...]

Heartbroken mother dog reunited with puppies

There's times when dogs are rescued, then there's times when they have to be confiscated... Sometimes noses are put out of joint, our job however is to put the dogs welbeing first, the humans..well, they should know better! Please SHARE so we can find homes for the last of this little family! The mommy and pups are small breed Dachshund mixes and can be homed separately. And remember to sterilise your pets, if a concerned neighbour [...]

Scout’s beaten cancer!.. now let’s find her a home!

Remember our little Scout, brought in to be put to sleep because she had cancer, the dog we saved to honour Scruff's memory!   Your kind donations paid for six chemo treatments and guess what? She did it!! She's got the all clear! 😄😍 Now she's ready to have a big, long, happy life!! She just needs her human to do it with! 😊💕 Scout's a two year old, female pittie mix! She's got a clean [...]