Little dog experiences love for the first time!

Little Levi was handed in to be euthanised by his owner, the mange on his body didn't disguise the suspicious burn marks and obvious neglect! He was offered a forever home within a few days of rescue, he got to experience love for the first time, we were waiting for him to heal so we could do a happy little update video... Turns out life had other plans...   Over and out, a [...]

Injured Min Pin abandoned by owners

Hey guys! My names Mini! I'm a four year old Min Pin, I used to live in a nice house and sit on the sofa and everything! 🐶💕 But then one day I ran into the road and got hit by a big shiny thing, the humans called it a car! 😓 I thought it was the worse day of my life but I was wrong... I had surgery, I lost my leg, I was waiting to go [...]

Tiny Tim rescued from euthanasia- Adopted!

Tiny Tim is one of those doglet's that hit you right in the feels! 🐶 On night of rescue Years spent surviving life on the street with a broken pelvis, mange, on the edge of starvation and he's still a bundle of love! Trusting, gentle and appreciating every moment of his tiny little rescued life! 😊💕 We could all learn a thing or two from Tiny Tim! ❤️ Massive thanks to Vet Point ( Sea Point, [...]